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  • The Seven Creations Ladyfinger Mini Vibrator is the perfect sex toy for women who are comfortable with their sex life. It is ideal for pampering and stimulating your most sensitive spots. On the outside your clitoris is easily accessible and on the inside you can also massage your G-spot with it. It is just what you need at the time. You can also easily take it with you in your handbag or when traveling, so you always have a companion with you. Of course it is also very nice when your partner takes care of the pampering. That makes your lovemaking even more fun and exciting.

    Main features of the Seven Creations - Ladyfinger Mini - Vibrator
    • Easy to handle and has a beautiful appearance due to the silver look
    • By taking the size very easily, so that you can get your pull whenever and wherever you want.
    • The curved top makes it an ideal toy to stimulate your clitoris, as well as your G-spot.
    • You can easily clean it with some lukewarm water and some soft soap.
    • Battery operated. Make sure you always have some in stock, then it is always ready for you.


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