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Steel Ball Head Ring Ornata

Steel Ball Head Ring Ornata


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Intensify your orgasm with this Steel Ball Head Ring! Designed to fit snug around your penis head to have the ball add pressure and new stimulating sensations. Once put on, it can be used with or without a partner. The Steel Ball Head Ring is made from stainless steel and is 3.2 mm thick. The inside diameter of the ring measures 30mm, while the diameter of the ball is 10mm.

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How to Use a Glans Ring

Just like regular cock rings, glans rings also come in a wide range of sizes and materials. The choice of a glans ring will depend on a man’s anatomy, preferences and experience. Beginner users should stay away from STEEL glans rings until they are fully accustomed to the feeling and sensations glans rings provide.

Typically, a glans ring is worn under the cock head when the cock is FULLY ERECT. For easier wear, make sure to use lube. The lube will make the ring slip on your cock easily and without any discomfort. This is particularly important for using METAL GLANS RINGS. They tend to be very sturdy and sometimes tight, so you want to be able to slip it on and off easily.

At the same time, make sure that the ring is tight enough so it provides a perfect grip and doesn’t go off on its own. You don’t want your glans ring to slip off during sex or masturbation. This is why proper fitting is important.

measure cock glas for ring

How to Fit for a Glans Ring

The best way to measure the cock for the perfect fitting glans ring is by using a string, a marking pen, and a ruler. To make sure that glans ring fits best, there will need to be 2 measurements done.

The 1st should be done while the cock is flaccid and the 2nd should be done while the cock is erect. While measuring, it is important not to pull the cock skin tight because this will not give accurate measurements. Wrap the string around the cock and mark on the string with either a pen or marker where the sting comes together. Then lay the string out on the ruler; that is the first measurement. After the circumference has been written down from both flaccid and erect positions they need to be converted to a decimal. Then the decimal needs to be divided by 3.14. That answer then needs to be changed back into fraction form, and that is the correct inner diameter ring size that is right for you. Just a side note, it is a good idea to round up to ensure that the ring is not too tight.


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